The Inheritor

Once a Chelaxian knight, Iomedae is one of the few mortals who have taken and passed the Test of the Starstone. Initially she was the herald of the Chelaxian god Aroden, but following his death her church absorbed most of his followers. 

Her physical form is that of a young Chelaxian woman fully armored and carrying a shield and broadsword. Her cape is often red but sometimes white and gold. 

Often she will work in accordance with the many other good aligned gods and goddesses, seeing in them a similar mission. 

Though a righteous knight she is not a war deity, prefering enemies to surrender instead of being cut down. Despite this she is fearless and believes unquestionably in spreading goodness around the world. 

Followers of Iomedae are often hard working individuals who are helpful towards others and believe in Justice and honor. 


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